Love Driving Out Hate


My eyes and ears were drawn to this particular episode with Chris Singleton (Episode 3) because my brother announces for the minor league team of the Chicago Cubs so I had an instant connection to the content being presented. I’m sure glad I did because this episode illustrates concepts that the world as a whole needs to grasp today. At the beginning of the episode, a beautiful question was asked, “Was forgiveness on your heart right away?” This question made me pause the podcast and think to myself about any situations I have in my life that I should address with this question. I also thought about circumstances happening in America today and how if individuals asked themselves this question, how things might look/be a little brighter. “If a man fails or falters in the face of adversity, than he is a man of little strength” this piece of scripture was a surprising and touching reminder to me to keep my head among the stars even when circumstances are hard or overwhelming because inner strength is a driving force for motivation to keep going. Recently, I have been seeing and hearing a lot of hate- driven speech towards many groups of people, this interview highlighted the message “Hate doesn’t drive out hate, only love can do that”. Loving one another regardless of race, creed, or color is one of the strongest forms of inner strength that someone can show.  

Forgiveness was the central theme of this episode and it is a concept I deal with in my daily life. I work in the substance use and criminal justice field and a dominant idea that comes up with the majority of my clients is forgiveness whether it is for themselves or for others who have wronged them in their lives. The inability to forgive mixed with the ability to hate drives people to do hurtful things in order to heal their own hurt.  Chris proves himself wise in the concept of forgiveness and following the word of Our Lord. This episode was refreshing to listen to amongst the midst of today’s culture and hate. Thank you!

-Michaela K.

Montgomery, NJ