Owning and Buildng Your Brand in a New Chapter of Life


Normally, I’m not one to listen to podcasts but I ran across the blurb on Alexis and decided to listen. To be honest, I think God led me to listen to her episode. I learned a lot from what she had to say. She emphasized being able to build your own brand and owning it. I personally moved away from what I’ve known all of my life when I moved to a new state and area right out of high school. I started from scratch and have worked extremely hard to adjust to this new chapter of life. I have progressed at an accelerated rate in my career because of my work ethic. The negative millennial stereotype perception that older generations often assume is something that I definitely try to set myself apart from. It’s refreshing to know that there are people of my age out there still willing to work hard for what they want.

Our generation has the tendency to be quick to reaction and lacks the awareness at times to take a step back, and use emotional intelligence to better see the full picture. Sadly, we are often driven by instant gratification. Alexis proves herself wise in this concept when she shared her story and negotiation tactics to earn a far more valuable compensation and benefits package when she first moved to Nashville. She also showed her true colors when she started her business and did not allow her competitors’ imitation schemes interrupt her brand management. I am looking forward to more podcasts to come from Underdog. Keep up the great work Scotty!

-Hannah F

Green Bay, WI