61: A Green Beret and His Shoes with Anthony Aguiniga

Anthony Aguiniga 1.jpg

Episode 61 - Anthony Aguiniga

Anthony Aguiniga is a Green Beret and the founder of a shoe company, Woobies. Anthony has a big plan to become the dominant shoe company in the industry. He shares how he overcame alcoholism and a lack of a fulfilled purpose in his career after the military to form the shoe company that he is so passionate about today. In this episode:

  • Deciding to join the Army

  • Starting his military career with no desire for infantry to only  change his mind a few weeks in

  • The path to become a Green Beret

  • Swallowing his pride by leaving an intense career as a Green Beret to attend the fire academy in Dallas

  • Struggling with alcoholism after the military

  • Losing a mother to drugs and a father to alcoholism

  • The creation and motive behind his shoe company, Woobies

  • Why the name Woobies?

  • Customer, Customer, Customer – What separates Woobies from the rest of the shoe industry

  • Anthony’s unlikely admission process to Southern Methodist University MBA program … one of the best business schools in the country

  • Finding his confidence in an academic setting through his entrepreneur experience

  • Biggest challenge – sustaining his lean business model while gaining market share


You can follow Anthony on Instagram at @anthony_aginuiga and @woobiesshoes