20: Mount Everest with Sophia Danenberg

Sophia Danenberg 3.jpg

Sophia Danenberg - Ep. 20

Sophia Danenberg is the first black woman and the first African American woman to summit Mount Everest successfully. She is a Harvard graduate, an avid climber, and has a successful career with Boeing. She shares her story on Everest and what it was like to find success on the tallest mountain in the world. In this episode:

  • How do you prepare your body for 29,000 feet above sea level

  • The difference between pushing yourself and making wise decisions

  • How to plan ahead and execute flawlessly when plans change

  • Overcoming a storm, bronchitis, and a clogged oxygen mask on top of the mountain

  • Coming back down the mountain - the other half of the battle

  • Climbing a mountain vs. climbing the corporate ladder - are there any similarities?

You can find more information on Sophia on her web site www.danenberg.org and you can follow her on Instagram and Facebook.