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49: Love at First Spike with Travis Mewhirter

Travis Mewhirter picked up sand volleyball for the first time at 24 years old and found a way to become a professional athlete in this sport. Life on the beach as a sand volleyball player may seem glamorous, but there are often extensive hardships outside of the court that all sand volleyball professional players deal with day-in and day-out. Discover more …

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45: Rise Up with No Legs and Become a Spartan with Kacey McCallister

Kacey McCallister lost both of his legs at the age of six in a terrible accident. He never made an excuse for himself and went on to succeed in all areas of life. He won championships in wrestling and cross country in high school. Now, he competes in Spartan Races across the country on his hands. In this episode:

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42: Relaunching a Business After a Shark Tank Deal with Shelly Ehler

Shelly Ehler is the creator and founder of ShowNo Towel which is a towel that is worn like a poncho and has multiple functions. Shelly was asked by the producers of the hit TV show, Shark Tank, to pitch her product on the show. Shelly is the only entrepreneur to leave with a signed check in hand after her pitch. However, many unforeseen circumstances happened after the camera stopped recording. Hear more …

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