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61: A Green Beret and His Shoes with Anthony Aguiniga

Anthony Aguiniga is a Green Beret and the founder of a shoe company, Woobies. Anthony has a big plan to become the dominant shoe company in the industry. He shares how he overcame alcoholism and a lack of a fulfilled purpose in his career after the military to form the shoe company that he is so passionate about today. Hear more …

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46: Wealth Can't Wait with David Osborn

David Osborn is a serial entrepreneur, a real estate mogul, and the best selling author of Wealth Can't Wait. He built the 4th largest real estate business in the USA among many other successful businesses. But he found himself dead broke and unemployed at 26 before he embarked on his journey to create a life of his design. Hear more …

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42: Relaunching a Business After a Shark Tank Deal with Shelly Ehler

Shelly Ehler is the creator and founder of ShowNo Towel which is a towel that is worn like a poncho and has multiple functions. Shelly was asked by the producers of the hit TV show, Shark Tank, to pitch her product on the show. Shelly is the only entrepreneur to leave with a signed check in hand after her pitch. However, many unforeseen circumstances happened after the camera stopped recording. Hear more …

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