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47: Survivor, Physician, Entrepreneur with Dr. Edna Ma

Dr. Edna Ma is an anesthesiologist that used her medical knowledge to create a product called BareEase. She wanted to raise money for her business by pitching her product on Shark Tank, but before she was given the chance to do so, she had to prove her worthiness on another reality TV show, Survivor. Hear more …

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30: Fiercely Facing Abuse with Carolyn Bostrack

Carolyn Bostrack was sexually abused and emotionally abused as a child and throughout her teenage years. This horrible dynamic and resulting image of love led her into an abusive and manipulative marriage. After the birth of her daughter she found the courage to leave her ex-husband and begin a new life with a new definition of "unconditional" love. She is currently a phd, an author, a keynote speaker, and a mother of three amazing children. Read more …

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18: Unshattered After Sepsis with Carol Decker

Carol Decker was like any other expectant mother: full of anticipation and eagerly awaiting the arrival of her second child. But in a matter of hours, a massive infection had her fighting for her life and resulted in the amputation of three limbs and blindness. Yet, that has not stopped her from fulfilling her goal to be a rock-star mother and wife. Discover more ...

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