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31: Gaining Weight to Empathize with Drew Manning

Drew Manning is the founder of Fit2Fat2Fit and has influenced millions around the world as a personal trainer. Drew had a radical idea to give up his fitness lifestyle and become obese on purpose within 6 months to better empathize with his clients struggles in losing weight. Hear more …

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30: Fiercely Facing Abuse with Carolyn Bostrack

Carolyn Bostrack was sexually abused and emotionally abused as a child and throughout her teenage years. This horrible dynamic and resulting image of love led her into an abusive and manipulative marriage. After the birth of her daughter she found the courage to leave her ex-husband and begin a new life with a new definition of "unconditional" love. She is currently a phd, an author, a keynote speaker, and a mother of three amazing children. Read more …

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