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50: Rebuilding Sergeant Peck with a Double Arm Transplant with John Peck

John Peck served as a Marine in Iraq and Afghanistan. During his second employment, an IED detonated after he stepped on it, and he lost all four of his limbs. After a long road to recovery, he received a double arm transplant and became the second veteran ever to receive this life-changing surgery. Hear more …

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21: Tell Your Heart to Beat Again with Shae Brown

Cancer is devastating at any age but especially for someone at 16 years old. Beating that cancer over a couple of years to only have it relapse back into your life is even more devastating. But what if the brutality of the cancer drugs that were concocted to save your life also led to the poisoning of your heart and a heart transplant was needed to save your life? Hear more …

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